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Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd Oct 2011

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Kingston Black cider brandy cocktails
Choux puffs with Keen’s cheddar and apple chutney

Waldorf salad with Stichelton and
homemade walnut bread

Slow-roast pork belly with caramelised apples,
braised fresh borlotti beans, roast squashes and Savoy cabbage

Baked russet apples with spiced dried fruits
and nutmeg ice cream

Coffee, teas and blackberry liqueur


About tonight’s menu

With so many beautiful, crisp English apples around at the moment it was hard to write a menu that didn’t feature them.  And once they were in, the rest followed – the cheeses, the pork, sage, squashes, warm spices and ice cream.  

The pork belly is from a Saddleback pig from Grange Farm in Yorkshire via the Ginger Pig butcher shop.  The apples are all organic, coming from Riverford and Stoke Newington farmers’ market.  As are the squashes – Red Onion, Kabocha and Butternut.  Some of the borlotti beans are from our garden – the last of our little harvest – and the rest are from Italy.  I love cooking fresh borlotti beans.

Stichelton is the only Stilton to be made from unpasteurised milk, and as such cannot be called Stilton, even though it is the most traditionally made one of them all.  It is also the most delicious.  Buy it this Christmas.

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