Culinary Anthropologist

Sweet, sweet honey


Today Barnaby discovered that in Poland they make
Miodula – a vodka made out of honey.  Yes, a vodka. Made out of honey.

Bears are quite keen on honey.

Barnaby is quite keen on vodka.

You get the picture.

Today we are taking him to safety in Slovakia.


  1. Victor Latrine

    Strikes me that this, ahem, diary has swung rather heavily towards booze and away from food.
    I’m fretting about Barnaby’s liver — not so worried about Matt and Anna, because I think their livers were already beyond redemption.
    Killing two birds with one stone (and shamelessly hijacking the site) Matt, Anna and anyone else who stumbles here could do worse than sponsoring the Purver-Rakes in their trek across the wilds of Devon and Somerset by clicking my name above.
    I want photos of the car btw!

  2. Barnaby

    After a drying out period in Slovakia I’ll have you know my liver is just fine thank you. Not so sure about Matt and Anna.
    Have fun on the moors – I’m sure my little-known Devon bear cousins will be excited to meet you.
    As soon as they let me drive the car I will post pictures …