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  1. Morocco part 1: tea and crumpets

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    Smtaginetomatoes0001.JPGWe didn’t quite know what to expect from Morocco – we’d heard very different and conflicting reports.  To some people, it’s the home of one of the world’s classic cuisines, and some of the best street food you’ll find anywhere; to others, it’s apparently an interminable round of underspiced vegetable tagines.  Which would we find?

    We knew some things, of course – but there was a lot more we didn’t know.  We knew they ate a lot of couscous here – but what is it actually made of, and how?  We had to make it our mission to find out.  (Our friend Robert told us we really didn’t need to go all the way to Morocco for this – Smfesbeghrirplate0001.JPGjust buy a packet from Waitrose and pour boiling water on it.  And he has a point.  But it turned out there’s a lot more to it than that).

    And we knew they drank a lot of tea, too.  But we really weren’t expecting the crumpets …