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  1. Blowing their own horns

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    Smgalatasaraystadium0001.JPGFootball is the most-supported sport in Turkey, and Galatasaray are the most-supported football team.  This season, they won the Turkish league.  This was quite a big deal for their supporters all over Turkey (not just in their home town of Istanbul – on the night when they were confirmed as champions, we were in Cappadocia, but judging by the hooting horns and revving cars all evening, you’d have thought a local team had just won).

    Smgalatasarayfans0001.jpgAnyway, tonight was the last game of the season, and time for the real celebration.  Özge took us to their stadium in Istanbul.  The fans are particularly proud of this stadium and the atmosphere they generate – others call it “a cauldron of hate“, they call it “Hell” (as in “welcome to”).  Judging by the amount of smoke and flames we saw, a fairly appropriate name.

    Then we went to Taksim Square to join the street party.

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