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Secret Kitchen

  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 16th & Sat 17th June 2017: the last dinners
  • Flavours of Fieldwork Secret Kitchen series
  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 20th & Sat 21st Jan 2017 – Unclean January
  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 17th & Sat 18th Feb 2017 – Cantonese masala
  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 17th & Sat 18th March 2017 – a Greek moveable feast
  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 9th & Sat 10th Dec 2016 – regional Japanese cooking
  • Secret Kitchen, Sat 19th November 2016 – celebration of autumn
  • Secret Kitchen, Fri 21st & Sat 22nd October 2016 – a Moroccan feast
  • Secret Kitchen, 14th May 2016
  • Secret Kitchen, 19th March 2016 – Signs of spring

July 2017 to Oct 2019: Please note I am pausing London events while I live in Croatian Istria to do anthropological research and launch our new culinary guesthouse. Come and visit us at Bolara 60 for rural tranquility and culinary adventure…


The Secret Kitchen is my supper club, which I’ve been running in London since 2010.

20+ people come for dinner. We start with cocktails and canapés, then sit at communal tables. Guests bring their own wine, for which I provide suggestions with the help of wine writer Victoria Moore.

My menus are inspired by my culinary travels, the seasons and the ingredients I love. Some dinners are collaborations with other chefs and anthropologists who have particular areas of expertise. Each menu tells a story.

Some upcoming dates and menus are advertised here, others are not. Sometimes the menu is kept secret until the night of the event. To be notified of all dates, subscribe to the Culinary Anthropologist newsletter by clicking the sign up button to the right. Past menus can be found below.

Email me to book places. I can cater for most special dietary requirements if given sufficient notice.


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