Culinary Anthropologist

Goodbye from Barnaby


Well it’s goodbye from Barnaby. 

While staying in the Carpathian mountains with Anca and Eduard, Barnaby found a soul-mate in their bear, Olaf.

Barnaby has decided to let us continue our journey without him, while he starts a new life in Romania with Olaf. 

We are very sorry to see him go, but understand he has beary needs we can’t satisfy.  We wish them both well.


April Fool!  Of course Barnaby would never leave us!

He is 100% committed to his culinary adventure.

(It seems Barnaby fooled Olaf as well as us.  We hope he recovers soon.)


  1. Anca Dumitrescu

    Dear Barnaby,
    I was indeed distressed by your decision to leave me, after we had such a good time for 3 days. But, I understand that you do have your commitments and that Anna and Matt would never be able to complete their journey without your invaluable help.
    I would like you to know that I recovered from the shock thanks to my friends Anca and Eduard. They did not let me down and they fed me chocolate cake to satiety. It certainly worked, this therapy: now I am happy and lighthearted, though much heavier than before.
    My greetings to Anna and Matt.
    All the best to you,
    Olaf Bamse

  2. niekrasz

    Barnaby, you are young. You don’t know what you are getting into here. I don’t mean to be brutal, but I think your friendship will not last very long, perhaps not even til the morning. Besides, your pictures are too cute. We look forward to you returning to your senses.