Culinary Anthropologist


The vast majority of recipes on this website are ones which I have developed myself and tested several times. They are usually adaptations of something eaten in a restaurant, cooked in a restaurant, found in a book, learnt at a school, borrowed from a colleague, encountered on travels or remembered from the past. Feedback on all recipes is much appreciated – so that they can be improved.

You can browse or search by type of dish, country of origin or season.


  1. St Lucia saffron buns
  2. Wild garlic pesto
  3. Ethiopian affogato
  4. Minchet abish
  5. Doro wat
  6. Rhubarb gimlet
  7. Roast almonds
  8. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder
  9. Sephardi orange & almond cake
  10. Cider-braised pork with pickled leeks and horseradish
  11. Malt cookies
  12. Chocolate salami
  13. Brioche pudding
  14. Beetroot salad with horseradish, cranberry & cottage cheese
  15. Beetroot & chilli risotto with goat’s cheese
  16. Bourbon, calvados & thyme cocktail
  17. Chocolate espresso pots
  18. Coq au vin
  19. Buttermilk-marinated herb-crusted leg of lamb
  20. The World’s Best
  21. Elderflower cordial
  22. Early summer minestrone with pesto
  23. Rhubarb and yoghurt cake
  24. Beetroot crispbreads
  25. Mackerel escabeche
  26. Turkish poached apricots with clotted cream
  27. Beetroot & yoghurt dip
  28. Lemon panna cotta
  29. Baklava
  30. Winter rainbow coleslaw
  31. The Ruby
  32. Glögg
  33. Two pulse tarka dal
  34. Waldorf salad with Stilton
  35. Artichoke gratin
  36. Roast squash, red pepper, Puy lentil & Feta salad
  37. Salmon baked in fig leaves with nasturtium butter
  38. Flaky pastry
  39. Clafoutis
  40. Gooseberry curd
  41. Wild rice, spinach and broad bean salad
  42. Mum’s chilled pea soup
  43. Elderflower fritters
  44. Elderflower Delight
  45. Basic fresh egg pasta dough
  46. Pappardelle with spinach, Gorgonzola and walnuts
  47. Polish doughnuts (pączki)
  48. Chicken liver paté
  49. French macarons
  50. Almond lace cookies