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The vast majority of recipes on this website are ones which I have developed myself and tested several times. They are usually adaptations of something eaten in a restaurant, cooked in a restaurant, found in a book, learnt at a school, borrowed from a colleague, encountered on travels or remembered from the past. Feedback on all recipes is much appreciated – so that they can be improved.

You can browse or search by type of dish, country of origin or season.


  1. Pears poached in dessert wine
  2. Bay leaf liqueur
  3. Membrillo
  4. Grilled radicchio
  5. Sicilian orange and onion salad
  6. Ciceri e tria
  7. Prune and Armagnac ice cream
  8. Duck confit
  9. Fabada Asturiana
  10. Beetroot gazpacho
  11. Tortilla
  12. Andalucian pinchitos morunos
  13. Andalucian pinchitos morunos
  14. Herb jam
  15. Tagliata
  16. Vanilla panna cotta
  17. Green bean zeytinyağlı
  18. Green bean zeytinyağlı
  19. Turkish style stuffed greens
  20. Wild garlic cacık
  21. Cardamom cookies
  22. Lemon curd tart
  23. Pistachio stuffed dates
  24. Chicken couscous with onion relish
  25. Amlou
  26. Nocino (green walnut liqueur)
  27. Lacto-fermented cucumbers
  28. Lamb and quince tagine
  29. Ayva tatlısı
  30. Ayva tatlısı
  31. Quince jelly
  32. Jus de gingembre
  33. Jus de gingembre
  34. Moroccan bread
  35. Moroccan beetroot salad
  36. Moroccan carrot salad
  37. Chicken, lemon and olive tagine
  38. Moroccan citrus salad
  39. Couscous aux légumes d’hiver anglais
  40. Couscous aux légumes d’hiver anglais
  41. Boeuf bourguignon
  42. Boeuf bourguignon
  43. Gratin dauphinois
  44. Gratin dauphinois
  45. Kabak tatlısı (candied butternut squash)
  46. Kabak tatlısı (candied butternut squash)
  47. Carrot soup with orange flower cream and spicy almonds
  48. Jerusalem artichoke soup with prawns and piment d’Espelette
  49. Jerusalem artichoke soup with prawns and piment d’Espelette
  50. Easy peasy lemon squeezy
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