Culinary Anthropologist


The vast majority of recipes on this website are ones which I have developed myself and tested several times. They are usually adaptations of something eaten in a restaurant, cooked in a restaurant, found in a book, learnt at a school, borrowed from a colleague, encountered on travels or remembered from the past. Feedback on all recipes is much appreciated – so that they can be improved.

You can browse or search by type of dish, country of origin or season.


  1. Tarte Tatin
  2. Pommes Anna
  3. Beetroot and blood orange salad with goat’s cheese panna cotta
  4. Christmas salad
  5. Classic crème caramel
  6. Scallops with orange-tarragon beurre blanc
  7. Roast chicken with courgette and parmesan stuffing
  8. Roasted aubergine soup with garlic cream
  9. Black cod with miso
  10. Wild flower honey ice cream
  11. Carlo’s Florentine apple cake
  12. Gravlax
  13. Pot stickers
  14. Amarone-poached figs with ricotta
  15. Red wine risotto with radicchio and Gorgonzola
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