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The vast majority of recipes on this website are ones which I have developed myself and tested several times. They are usually adaptations of something eaten in a restaurant, cooked in a restaurant, found in a book, learnt at a school, borrowed from a colleague, encountered on travels or remembered from the past. Feedback on all recipes is much appreciated – so that they can be improved.

You can browse or search by type of dish, country of origin or season.


  1. Yiouvetsi – easy beef ‘n’ pasta stew
  2. Yiouvetsi – easy beef ‘n’ pasta stew
  3. Spinach and cheese pie
  4. Teatime in Turkey
  5. Nettle bake
  6. Kalbura bastı (aka Hedgehogs)
  7. Kalbura bastı (aka Hedgehogs)
  8. Erhan’s easy courgette salad
  9. Gözleme
  10. Mehmet’s Ottoman eggs
  11. Hemşin fondue
  12. Özge’s boiled egg meze
  13. Broad bean and dill purée
  14. Aubergine cooked with olive oil
  15. Armenian wedding balls
  16. Going for gold
  17. Wine of kings?
  18. Full of beans
  19. Sweet, sweet honey
  20. Apple pies
  21. Wine fit for an archbishop
  22. Getting a quick pint in
  23. Getting into the mountain spirit
  24. Sticky toffee pudding
  25. Rhubarb and custard
  26. Preserved lemons
  27. Mum’s marmalade
  28. Carnitas
  29. Christmas special part 4 – Nathan’s eggnog
  30. Christmas special part 3 – Christmas pudding
  31. Christmas special part 2 – Twice sherried Christmas cake
  32. Christmas special part 1 – Carlo’s candied citrus peel
  33. Citrus and vanilla infused bourbon
  34. Whiskey
  35. The cocktail
  36. 1794s
  37. Manhattan babas
  38. Moroccan spiced leg of lamb
  39. Huminta
  40. Roasted figs
  41. Corn and courgette soup
  42. Spanish chorizo, cherry tomato and butter bean salad
  43. Prosciutto with melon and figs
  44. Mellinis
  45. Bouillabaisse-marinated prawns with saffron aïoli
  46. Thai crab salad in lettuce cups
  47. Bánh Mì
  48. Char siu pork
  49. Goat’s cheese and rhubarb chutney crostini
  50. Hungarian goulash
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